The Teasing Method – Tease Her Until She Explodes: The Ultimate Guide to Going Down on a Woman

John S – The Teasing Method – Tease Her Until She Explodes: The Ultimate Guide to Going Down on a Woman PDF Download

Dense and Information Packed
The goal of this book is simple, to teach you how to give extremely powerful orgasms with oral sex. After reading the book you should be able to give women multiple orgasms of intense power. 

The book is short, at 60 pages, it should take only about an hour to read. But it’s densely packed with information, you’ll learn something in every sentence. It’s also packed with diagrams and pictures to speed up learning and help things stick in your mind. 

Women’s Opinions and Survey
The book includes quotes from women all gathered from a survey about sex. Graphs of these women’s opinions about different sexual matters also appear throughout the book. There are 8 graphs giving women’s opinions on matters ranging from the amount of time they like spent on oral sex to what percentage of women like their nipples played with. 

The psychological principles outlined in the book aren’t difficult to understand and are all explained clearly. There are approximately six psychological principles that the book goes into detail on. Whilst you’re reading them you’ll be hit with several ‘Aha!’ moments that will expand your understanding of what makes women tick when it comes to sex. 

The anatomy section is clear and easy to understand with pictures and diagrams to make things easier. 

The physical technique section gives clear instructions on techniques to please a women. It gives you the choice of lots of techniques to try out including: 

● 12+ techniques to get her aroused 
● 12+ techniques to give her oral pleasure 

These techniques are all expandable so you can create your own technique easily. They are also simple techniques, there is no need for a protractor or a set square while using these techniques. 

If you have trouble making a woman orgasm from oral sex the book provides a finishing technique to make a woman orgasm that will work close to 100% of the time. 

The book is clear about the difference between techniques that nearly all women enjoy and techniques that only some women will enjoy. 

The book also outlines clearly the physical reactions that you’ll get from women. This way you can tell without asking when she is aroused and when she has orgasmed. 

The book also provides information about sexual communication and dealing with women’s insecurities around oral sex. 

Here’s what early female readers have been said about Cunnilingus Mastery: 

“Truth be told, I am pretty turned on from imagining all of the actions being performed on me. In terms of writing, it is well-written so that anyone can read and easily understand and be able to apply these instructions the next time they are put in such a situation.” 

“I found it accurate and detailed. As a woman, I can agree that what was written definitely feels good to a woman. I think the details were phenomenal and I could picture the entire scenario.” 

“It’s really, really good! Some bits I was like, “Oh my god yes!” 

“I think that the book has a lot of good information. I started touching myself as advised and started to get turned on. I love how it describes the importance of teasing a girl to make the orgasms more frequent/intense.”

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