The Popular Life – Make People Like Respect and Befriend You

The Popular Life – Make People Like Respect and Befriend You Download

I’m Popular. You’re Not.
Use Manipulative Psychology to Make People Like, Respect, and Befriend You

I’m better than everybody.
Some people find me arrogant. Don’t like that? Leave. I don’t need you anyway. I have enough people desperately seeking my attention. Oh, but my massive popularity is no accident. I studied social psychology and human behavior for years to alter my personality and become a master of social manipulation and human interaction

Now I’m the person everybody tries to impress and wants to be seen with. I have legions of friends wherever I go. People give me practically whatever I please and it’s all so easy for me. Half of the time, I don’t even have anything valuable to say, but people still just can’t get enough of me. And while jealous losers can’t stand me, everyone else thinks I’m the greatest thing in the world and they’re right, I am.

You already know me:

– I’m that slacker at work who gets promoted over your hard working ass

– I’m the loudmouth talking over your best comments with useless crap to cheers of admiration

– I’m the one who’s out having a good time while you sit around thinking about how great your future will be’

And then there’s YOU..

I see you watching me and thinking to yourself: you just wait and see who I become. It’s the only way you can justify your lonely, wasted existence. But deep down you already know what you’ll become: the same sad, disconnected person you are right now.

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While you’re living in fantasy land, I’m milking the real world for everything it offers: popularity, admiration, endless friends, sex, and success. But you don’t want that anyway, right? Lie to yourself.

Let me guess: what you’re going through now is just temporary? Once you get that job, that degree, or find that special someone everything will change? Twenty years from now you’ll be looking at everyone and thinking the exact same thing. It’s the same thing that poor, bearded guy on the back of the bus is thinking. Don’t believe me? Go talk to him and see for yourself.

If you don’t change right now, you’ll become just like that guy on the bus. You’ll soon look into the mirror and realize you’re old and your dreams have passed you by. Instead of dreaming about your future, you’ll dream of getting back the youth that you’re wasting away right now.

The only way to prevent this from happening to you is to change who you are and how you naturally interact with other people. I wrote The Popular Life to teach you exactly how to do this by:

1. using psychological conditioning to alter how you naturally think and behave

2. combining these alterations with the controversial techniques of manipulative psychology

Here’s What I Offer

I’m giving you the exact same strategies I used to change my personality and master social manipulation and human interaction. You will not find these techniques anywhere else. I’m going to overhaul your entire way of thinking, behaving, and interacting with other people.

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You will learn to exploit social thinking processes that are engrained in us since birth that virtually nobody else is aware of. Such skills can generate tons of friends, popularity, admiration, respect, and the opportunity to live the experiences you desire (emotionally, sexually, professionally, etc.).

My methodology is clear: I avoid giving you bland generalities and instead tell you exactly what to do. There is no room for political correctness, diplomacy, or your personal opinions. I tell you what is right and wrong and I don’t care if you disagree (that’s your loss).

You will get the tools you need, whether you approve of them or not. This isn’t about body language, one liners, motivational stories, visualizations, or any other similarly mass marketed junk. It is a 56 page book filled with straight up, simple strategies that will make you popular and well liked.

This includes:

* how to alter the backbone of your personality, which governs how you think and behave, to automatically act in a socially superior manner
* how to use manipulative psychology to alter the thinking of other people and make them like, respect and admire you
* how to use simple behavioral alterations that will automatically make people interested in you
* how to prevent damaging behavior like self talk which inhibits socially productive responses leaving you behind
* how to psychologically train your mind so you naturally become an extrovert
* how to evoke positive responses from people, no matter what you’re saying to them
* how to remove feelings of doubt, fear and uncertainly in social situations
* how to find and forge friendships with the most important, relevant people in society
* how to detach yourself from caring about the opinions of specific individual people and focus on gaining the admiration of the greater majority
* how to use people to your advantage, as opposed to having them use you
* how to get inside people’s heads and make them think you’re being honest with them, whether you are or not
* how to become popular and successful just like me and reap all that society and life has to offer.

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