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The X-Factor - Seduction Training by Arash Dibazar

“You’re About To Discover The Hidden The X-Factor – Seduction Training :  The True Art of Powerful Seduction”

Get ready to become the REAL ALPHA MAN you were meant to be with The X-Factor – Seduction Training

Let’s face the real-life facts…
You’ve seen “that guy”. They guy who oozes confidence, has no fear, and moves through life like as if it were a feast for the senses.
He is strong, confident, and has that MAGNETIC appeal that draws drop-dead gorgeous women to him naturally, without being arrogant or a complete dick.
He is the guy that all other guys envy…
He is the guy that when he walks through a room, women can’t help but be drawn to him INSTANTLY and experience a raise in their body temperature.
So what is it exactly that makes him any different than you?
He is a male just like you are, but what is that “special something” that he possesses that you don’t?

Here’s a little sneak peek into what you will discover in  The X-Factor – Seduction Training by Arash Dibazar

– Discover the #1 MISTAKE you are making when trying to reach your goals and the mental switch “trick” you can use to change it for good!

– Uncover what your real purpose is and discover “The Boy Who Became a God”. You have to see this!

– Tap into the power of the Indirect approach technique to make women take notice, and get their unharnessed attention.

– Arash gives you ideas how to implement this style from a Hypnosis and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu perspective. Complete with examples!

– Learn what the real SOCIAL RULES are when it comes to creating that exciting life you have always dreamed of, and draw people naturally into your world (and be loved for it!)

– Find out how to get out of the OBSTACLES HOLE and change your focus on your goals instead!

– Discover everything you need to know to unlock the true X-Factor potential within you and change your love life forever!

– Find out why being a little mysterious can DRIVE WOMEN CRAZY and make them seek you out!

– Learn how to communicate the RIGHT WAY and watch how much of a positive income it will have with those around you! This little “subtlety” trick can go a long way!

– Take your own personal stories and turn them from mundane to demonstrations of high value that will make you look like a ROCK STAR!

– Discover this PLAYFUL LITTLE SECRET that will make women chase you! It works like a charm every time!

– Learn how to use PRIMAL INSTINCT to your advantage to understand how women think and act. Most men get this wrong by trying to make a connection!

– How to use A.R.C. – Affinity. Reality. Connection to set yourself above the rest and connect with any woman you desire and want to attract!

– Learn how to have a carefree attitude towards what women think; yet at the same time, comforting and reassuring her!

– Discover this powerful method of using CASTLES as an analogy for a woman…and how you can make your way into it and conquer it!

– Unlock the astonishing power of GROUP CODE and learn how to build a strong character that you can use in any situation!

– Understand the real power of true VALUE and how it can transform every aspect in your social and love life!

– Find out this powerful ACTING TECHNIQUE that will make you stand out from the crowd and make women endear and literally worship you!

– Learn how to harness your past, present and future as tools you have in your back pocket in case you ever need them.

– Discover the real power of using PROPS when you are carefully developing one of your characters!

– Find out how to set the right EMOTIONAL TONES to have the greatest social impact for the greatest benefits!

Here is his secret of  The X-Factor – Seduction Training by Arash Dibazar Seduction Material


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