Tom Torero – How to Flirt with Girls

Tom Torero – How to Flirt with Girls Review | Tom Torero – How to Flirt with Girls Download

Tom Torero - How to Flirt with Girls Download

You’ve plucked up the courage to go and talk to the cute girl working on her laptop in the coffee shop. She’s open to the approach and things are going well…smiles and laughs give you the green light to continue.

But before you know it you can feel the sparkle fading. It’s as if you’re sinking in the quick sand of chit-chat. Predictable questions, polite conversation and supplicating answers come out of your mouth and you can’t stop it.

The girl makes a polite excuse and tells you she’s got to carry on working. You retreat back to your table, kicking yourself that the opportunity slipped away. Again.

What keeps happening, and why?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. 95% of the students I teach have this exact same problem. They can approach girls, make conversation and even go on dates, but the interactions always fizzle out. So what’s the secret ingredient that’s missing?

Men have forgotten how to flirt, how to dance with the secret language of being seductive rather than just social. There’s no chemistry, there’s no tension, no fun and no fizz. The girl might like you, but she doesn’t lust after you.

After teaching hundreds of students daytime seduction live on the streets of cities across the world I realised that it was time to address this problem. Many asked me for a “cheat sheet” to help with flirting during the Attraction phase of the pick-up, and practical ideas to spice things up on dates. That’s how this book came about.

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In this 76 page ebook book of Tom Torero – How to Flirt with Girls  you’ll learn:

* the difference between “entertaining” a girl and flirting with her

* the differences between how guys and girls communicate their sexual desires

* how to develop a flirtatious mindset and methods to practice it

* over 200 tried-and-tested ideas and structures for flirting with girls

* fun universal assumptions that work on ANY girl

* how to flirt with two or more girls at once

* flirtatious comebacks for the most common “shit tests” girls give

* how to flirt over text / social media

* ideas for reigniting old leads that have fizzled out

* how to spice things up on dates to inject sexual tension and kiss her / pull the trigger

* Torero’s physical game flirtation techniques to master seduction

Tom Torero – How to Flirt with Girls Bonus content includes:

* Flirtatious assumptions about the most common countries daygamers encounter

* Example conversations to show you how to implement flirtation for real

* Example text flow to demonstrate how to flirt using your phone

* Ideas broken down into Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced to match your level