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I know just how PAINFUL it is by not getting the girls you want and seeing other guys get those beautiful girls RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.


So, let me help you out by giving you some of the ACTUAL techniques that comes STRAIGHT from the Dominant Sexual Power Program. You’ll know EXACTLY what you will be getting when you buy and how it’ll help you in attraction gorgeous women into your life.

I’m just going to let it ALL OUT and tell you what you are buying. Remember that this is an UNBIASED dominant sexual power review, so I’m going to cover both the GOOD things AND the bad things about the program. So if that’s something you don’t want to hear, you can hit your browser’s back button.

So let me share with you my experience with the program…

My Dominant Sexual Power System Story

Let me first share with you my story of how I stumbled upon dominant sexual power. If you want to skip the story and go straight to the review, you can always scroll down.

So my story began when I was a sophomore in college. I had a girlfriend to die for. She was beautiful, intelligent and a very down to earth girl. Until one day…

One day, my girlfriend and I had a serious talk and she told me she cheated on me while she was at a party. I couldn’t believe it!

I was in shock! At first I was so angry and frustrated that I went into a state of denial. It just wouldn’t register in my brain that a girl so loyal and devoted would cheat on me. I couldn’t believe that an intelligent girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, would do such a thing as to cheat on me.

Well a week later, after I calmed down my angered emotions, I called her up and we had another serious talk. So, I asked her about the incident.

She started to explain that she didn’t know why, but she just couldn’t control her emotions, when this guys was talking to her. She said she didn’t even find his looks that attractive, but what he said and how he behaved just made her lose sense of her emotions and she couldn’t think logically. She said that she didn’t even drink.

Well, that was the end between me and her.

BUT, it had sparked something in me. It made me want to research exactly WHAT made her act the way she did and WHY she cheated on me. So I started gathering all the information on female psychology, attraction mechanisms, pick-up artistry, social dynamics, and even biology to understand why women act this way.

I wanted to know, why even the most intelligent women and girls with boyfriends become attracted to guys in a matter of minutes, no matter what they looked like.

I wanted to know why even the most logical girls and the most well-controlled women lose their ability to control their emotions and just give into becoming attracted and seduced by certain men.


I did what most guys would never do…

I met with the guy that my girlfriend cheated on. Not to beat him up, but to ask him some questions.

I wanted to know what he said and what he did that made my girlfriend cheat on me.

And because I was so accepting, he let all of his secrets out. His secret attraction words, lines, routines, and behaviors, he poured out everything over the next couple of hours.

He said one course that really helped him to get any girl he wanted was the Vin Dicarlo dominant sexual power program.

He said there are some SECRET WORDS that will subconsciously turn women on! And that was how he was able to seduce my girlfriend. I will be going over some of these words in the later part of this review.

So I’ve picked up a new hobby. Or I would say, a new obsession. I studied and applied everything I could on seducing girls. And I soon started to get really good at attracting women, and the one course which I give a lot of credit to is the Dominant Sexual Power program by Vin DiCarlo and also the Pandora’s Box System.

Although I can’t give it all the credit, because I have read dozens of other books and have taken several other courses, it does deserve a lot of it.

Now, let me show you what you get with the DSP Program and give you some actual content from the course itself.

The Secrets of The Innocent Words

One of the courses inside the DSP program is the “innocent words” you can use to create attraction.

These are brilliant little phrases and words you can use that will escalate the attraction in a girl. It is VERY SNEAKY!

The science behind it can actually be quite confusing, but let me try to explain it as simply as possible.

So do you remember the movie Inception?

There is a part in there where one of the guy says “Don’t think about pink elephants.”

But what do you think about when he says that? Right, pink elephants.

Let me give you another example:

“You are such a dick.” In this context, the word “dick” is used to describe someone that’s a jerk or someone with bad behavior. BUT, the great thing about this word is that SUBCONSCIOUSLY it is sexually connected to the part of the male body we all know about.

So you are basically making her think about the private part, without actually telling her to think about it. Crazy stuff right? You are basically “incepting” her mind with these phrases and words that I’m about to reveal to you. This is an introductory NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) course for you beginners out there. As well as a

beginners course in hypnosis or hypnotic language.

You can essentially SLIP these words in to your conversation without sounding creepy or awkward, and you can actually blame HER for thinking about naught thoughts!

SNEAK PEAK of the Innocent Words inside DSP:

So I’ll give you one example of similar strategies that the DSP outlines in the program.

One example is the phrase: The sky is great.

It sounds like: THE SKY IS GREAT. BUT, what you’re really implying subconsciously and what it CAN sound like is:


Now, add this into one of your sentences and she’ll subconsciously feel like you are a GREAT GUY.


These words are extremely POWERFUL so make sure you use these powers for good and not for evil.

Remember that there is a WHOLE strategy to use these words inside the DSP program.

The Dominant Sexual Power Review

The main components of the DSP course are audio and video.

The information contained are not just from Vin DiCarlo, but from a few other great instructors as well.

You will learn A LOT of information on attraction and how to develop it from the core so that you NATURALLY attract women.

In my HONEST opinion, it is THE BEST COURSE that Vin DiCarlo has created. And it is one of the best courses, in the whole seduction community as well.

It just has a TON of great info and a step by step approach method that is easy to follow and easy to implement.

Inside the course:

The core program is divided into four sections: Vision, Compliance, Shaping, and Sexual Tension.

Vision: This is basically inner confidence and inner game and just becoming the person that girls are attracted to. This area goes on to emphasis the importance of your goals, your “vision” and how to create it so that it becomes an attractive quality to girls.

Compliance: Compliance can be anything from compliance tests, to framing (an NLP concept). A certain compliance test could be having her hold your drink for you, and then you can reward her by complimenting her. One that I really like is the “Us” frame, which emphasizes pair bonding and teamwork. This concept of the “Us” frame will be further elaborated in the dominant sexual power system.

You are basically making her invest more and more into you and as a result she can’t help but become more and more attracted to you.

Shaping: This area is basically making her into the girl that you want to have in your life. An example would be to encourage her to bring out her best self and to shape her into doing things that you like and stop her from doing things that you don’t like.

Sexual Tension: This is where the real fun begins. The instructors discuss ways in creating tension and pressure so that she becomes attracted sexually AND being able to arouse her without being needy.

I especially liked the part where one of the instructors encourages you to not look her “up and down” (her body), but to wander your eyes around her face and check out her face. This has a very sexual intent that creates massive attraction in women and it isn’t creepy such as checking out her body.

Dominant Sexual Power Review – Course Structure

The core concepts of the program are delivered to you in audio format, which can be accessed in the members area and which can also be downloaded so that you can listen to them in your car, or when you are walking somewhere.

The videos of the “coaching series” will be given to you over a 12 week period, in which you will get practical tips on how to implement what you have learned in the audio. You will also be given homework assignments so that you can go out and implement the things that you have learned.

And along with the CORE system, there is a mastery section. The mastery section is divided into Levels 1, 2 and 3 and is supplementary to the core system. These are more of the advanced stuff.

There is also a bonus week 13 and Dominant Sexual Mastery section for the graduates of the core course. It is a real complete course on attracting women.


Of course no course is complete without bonuses and I can honestly say that the bonuses themselves should be a separate course. There are some really great bonuses in here. Such as the INNOCENT WORDS and PHRASES as I have gone over before. The dominant sexual power program comes with about 6-7 bonuses along with some other hidden bonuses as well.

Pros and Cons of DSP

So like I’ve said I’m going to talk about some negatives about the program as well.


  • A very complete course on attracting women and it places a strong emphasis on relationships
  • TONS of info about not just attraction but A LOT of psychology, inner game, and the like.
  • TONS of bonuses as well!
  • Audio and VIDEO! It’s great if you don’t like reading.
  • Very in depth guide on and goes DEEPLY into the science of attraction.
  • Get insights and advice from MULTIPLE instructors, including Vin Dicarlo!


  • Some of the concepts are very advanced and may not be suitable for the absolutely beginner.
  • A LOT of information can be overwhelming, but it is very organized and divided up so you can take it a little at a time.
  • May take a while to complete (aka 12 week course), so you need some patience. But you will be rewarded greatly.

Dominant Sexual Power Review Conclusion

Like with every program on attraction and how to get girls out there, knowledge is nothing without ACTION. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! and actually go out and try this stuff out, or else it is useless. So in my honest opinion, this program is ABSOLUTE GOLD, and if you are thinking about buying it or not, I would recommend that you JUST GO FOR IT! It is an amazing program and I have learned so much from it. I actually plan to go over the entire course a second time, because it is just that good. But remember, you still need to go out there and practice, practice, practice! If you do go through the course, and if you do take action, then you will have the ability to attract almost any girl you want. I promise :). Thank you so much for reading my review on the Vin Dicarlo Dominant Sexual Power Program and I wish you the best of success, not just in success with women, but with success in life.

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