Vince Kelvin – Chakra Clearing For Core Confidence

Vince Kelvin – Chakra Clearing For Core Confidence Review | Vince Kelvin – Chakra Clearing For Core Confidence Download

Quick question.

Are your emotions – hesitation, fear, anxiety, confusion – all getting in the way of attracting women?

•    If you are fed up with reading about how you should “get out of your head” and start BEING YOURSELF (MUCH easier said than done without the proper tools)…

•    If you have made resolutions to QUIT FIGHTING that inner battle and those inner voices that stop and stall you from massive PUA-dom…

•    If you want to make this year the BEST one, free of your former limitations, and with the most kick ass emotional work out there…

Then you are ready for the brand new CHAKRA CLEARING FOR CORE CONFIDENCE PROGRAM –

The Most KICKASS Emotional Workout Ever Developed

to Heal AT THE CORE Using the Power and Simplicity of BREATH (and much more!)

Finally, a REAL, SOLID, Solution for Daily State Mastery!

Hey, I know you’ve probably heard all kinds of “hype-y” claims before. But there really isn’t anything like this – never has been – in the seduction arts before.

I guarantee you NEVER had PUA or dating taught to you in this manner. Trust me, you’ve NEVER had this approach to LETTING GO of all those excuses, fears, inhibitions, procrastinations and setbacks.

And I DOUBLE-guarantee you’ll probably be skeptical at how QUICKLY this can all transform your life (read the testimonials below).

In fact, I’d be willing to bet my last 40 lays that this is THE one key EVERY wannabe PUA is missing in his arsenal to fluidly, effortlessly, and MAGNETICALLY flow from one chick to the next, taking it as far as he’d like to go in just minutes.

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Been struggling for months? Years, even? Had your resolutions deflate??


Okay, I think I’ve buttered you up enough by now… LOL.

“Come on, Vince… CHAKRAS? Are you kidding me??”

I know, it may sound a little weird or kooky. But here are some things that will hit home with you…

First, you are reading this because – you are an unconventional guy.

Face it. Would you be into PUA if you were unconventional? Probably not! If your friends knew you were into PUA or “sarging”, they’d probably laugh at or mock you.


Well, this just proves that you can THINK DIFFERENTLY and OUT OF THE BOX.

That’s why what I’m about to share with you is completely up your alley. It is DIFFERENT, and you have an open mind to accept it as useful.

What is this about? This is about unclogging your limitations, letting them go using the BRAND NEW Chakra Clearing for Core Confidence Course.


Finally, THE Ultimate solution for Instant DAILY STATE MASTERY

With this course, you’re going to finally experience that “inner you” that has been begging to come out for YEARS, only held back by those outdated, unhelpful feelings

and programs which are stuck in the energy centers of your body.

And look – this is not a gimmick or a “airy fairy” New-agey BS ploy. Just look at the testimonials below:

Hi Guys!

I JUST got done listening to Vince’s new product, “Chakra Clearing for Core Confidence and I have to say, it is UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE! It is SO GOOD!

if you read this, THANK YOU! You’ve changed my life!
I’m simply amazed right now. I would have never thought that someone from the “pick-up community” could come out with a product like this. I had been looking
for something to help me let go and move past some old hurts and ideas that were stopping me from reaching my full potential. With Vince’s “Chakra Clearing
for Core Confidence”, I found that something!
If you want to do some hardcore inner work, if you want to REALLY transform yourself, get this product! By transforming yourself on the inside into someone
who you like and approve of, your outer world will have to transform as well. Imagine simply lying down on your couch or bed and having someone strip away
all that old garbage so you could see and be your new radiant self. Vince makes it so simple!
I plan on listening to these CDs every day for the next month to really transform my life.
Remeber, as the quality of your life improves, so will the quality of your women of the women you attract. You owe it to yourself to get these CDs.
By the way, like attracts like. After listening to these CDs, I looked over at my phone and saw a text from a very cute woman asking me to get a drink with
her. Soon women will be chasing after you
Best Wishes,

As you can see, this is a real, practical, EXCLUSIVE tool you can start using today to totally transform HOW YOU FEEL when you are out meeting women (or in

any other area you choose).

Imagine being able to freely flow from first to fifty fucks in February! LOL



Take a peek at what is on this audio course:


Track 1: The Natural Presence Process

Track 2: The Orgasmic Cosmic Surrender!

Track 3: The Inner Unification Meditation


Contains an exciting, ENTICING, hypnotic journey to unleash the TRUE sexy self within that is just begging to get out.

I promise you will feel like a totally renewed “go-getter” after listening to both audio CDs.

Remember, inner game is an ACTIVE DAILY PRACTICE that is only limited by your inaction, disbelief or feelings. YOU are the master, and you will more rapidly attain to

it once you get this “diamond in the rough” series.

This Could Be the One Key Element You’ve Always Been Missing



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