Vince Kelvin Collection (Deluxe Bundle)

Vince Kelvin Collection (Deluxe Bundle) Download

Vince Kelvin – Power Pick up Seduction Mastery Review |Vince Kelvin – Power Pick up Seduction Mastery Download

A pickup and seduction home training system that covers all steps needed to take women from connection, all the way into taking their clothes off.
Power Pick up Seduction Mastery Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
Power Pick up Seduction Mastery Content includes:
– Actual demonstration on how to pickup women
– Written assignments and guided visualizations
– A guide into getting laid
– New openers
– Closing and call back techniques
– Hypnotic inductions

This is the new:
*Models of inferiority, superiority and equality
*New inductions to willpower, intent and beliefs
*The triangle of desires/actiones
*Observations and tips in Kinos and non-verbal contact
*And more

Combining seminar and street footage, you’ll even get to follow Vince around as he picks up women and explains to you the steps he’s taking at the same time!!! Imagine getting the world’s greatest seduction education ever, while being entertained to the max as you witness in amazement Vince’s outrageous and very audacious innovative ways as he turns the crowded streets of sin city Las Vegas into a pickup class room!!!

Going back and forth between explanation, demonstration and application, the ideal pace of this program will smoothly turn you into a seduction machine in a record time that will have your buddies in awe!




Vince Kelvin – Extreme Kino and Kiss Escalation Download

Vince Kelvin – Extreme Kino and Kiss Escalation : Tired of conversations that seem to go nowhere? Still waiting for women to make the first move? Fed up with ending up being just “the friend”? Time to excalate where you used to hesitate!!!

Let seduction virtuoso Vince Kelvin radically revolutionize your reality with women, as he’ll help you take much more liberties and naturally, masterfully and super rapidly escalate kino and kissing with extremely innovative new routines!

Witness Vince at his wildest deviously demonstrate outrageous techniques on women on stage…

– Fastest Kiss Close Routine Ever!

– The New “Sea Shell” Anchoring Demo!

– Killer Kino Conditioning Concepts!

Pick up the mind of a Porn Star by Vince Kelvin

THIS IS NOT PORN, its informational (and very cool)

and now.. the decription

Vince Kelvin – Pick Up The Mind of a Porn Star
How to Score a Porn Chick!

Starring Anastasia Pierce and Jewel Marceau

Seduction Virtuoso, Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin brings you this long awaited special edition, in which he will pickup the mind of a porn star Anastasia Pierce of Maximum Kink!! As you enjoy this fun and entertaining interview, you will witness Vince set fabulous frames and precisely elicit the needed states and responses from this incredible “pinup like” Bondage Diva, with very simple yet so precise questions that just hit the right spot… you’ll find it so helpful for you to very naturally…

– Build rapport by setting yourself as the insider in her world.

– Condition and encourage Bi-sexuality in the wilder women you meet.

– Elicit and evoke what allows them to give themselves the permission to go for it.

– Plus…Anastasia will help you expand your frame.




Vince Kelvin – Devious Seduction Review | Vince Kelvin – Devious Seduction Download

Devious Seduction Demos The Secret Art of Hypnotic Enticement!

Create Core Cravings and Pure Fascination in the Minds and Bodies of the Women You Most Want!!!

With World Renowned Seduction Superstar Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin

Watch it Done In Front of Your Amazed Eyes!!!

– Wildest stuff ever with Amy and the girls!!!
– Even includes a DVD for bedroom anchoring!!!
– Visit Vince’s V.I.P. entourage in LA and NYC!!!

Finally, Vince and Amy have decided to open the door to their wild world and invite you on what will be your most outrageous seduction experience ever so far! So

get ready for an enlightening, reality expanding, fear and hesitation shattering, shocking and charming ride as they take you to Hollywood and Time Square’s top

Hotels, on a limo ride to a club in N.Y.C. and all the way to the sneakiest demos in their bedroom! Just as if you were there!

As you watch in amazement in this “filmed like reality TV show” hilarious and outrageous program, Vince will share and demonstrate the most devious and potent structures for walk ups, patterns, demos and all that you’ll need to move women to action right there and then!

As if that wasn’t already plenty, you’ll also join Vince teaching at Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction and SpeedLife seminars! Mind blowing, breathtaking, deviously potent, dynamic fresh new seduction knowledge and power awaits you, so hurry and pop in those DVDs and forever change the course of your sex life!

DVD 1: Introduction and Advanced Seduction Sequence to Walk Up to Any Woman or Groups of Women!

DVD 2: Never Seen Before Devious Demos to Condition Them to Crave You!

DVD 3: More Breathtaking Demos to Cause Them to Feel Fascinated by You and Beg for More!

DVD 4: Enter the Wild World of Vince and Amy as You Join Their V.I.P. Entourage in L.A. and Go Clubbing with Them in N.Y.C.

DVD 5: SS in Action Live at Ross Jeffries Amazing March 2006 L.A. Seminar!

DVD 6: SS in Action Live at Ross Jeffries Amazing March 2006 L.A. Seminar!

DVD 7: Never Seen Before Footage of Vince’s Speedlife 2005 Presentation to Help You Use the Concepts of the Walk Up Diamond for Self-Improvement!

DVD 8: Astonishing, Uncensored Techniques for Bedroom Anchoring!




Vince Kelvin – The Feminine Voice of Seduction Review | Vince Kelvin – The Feminine Voice of Seduction Download

Vince Kelvin - The Feminine Voice of Seduction Download
Vince Kelvin – The Feminine Voice of Seduction Download

The Feminine Voice of Seduction CD

Hear Self-Esteem Boosting Statements Said to You by Women to Supercharge Your Self-Image So You Can Shine and Glow Around Even the Hottest Babes You Always Wanted!!!

Have you ever noticed how your self-esteem and your self-image tend to affect your results with women? It’s a well-known fact that all the seduction skills you may have are dependent on how you feel about yourself! So, isn’t it time for you to allow yourself to feel good about yourself as you are, the way you are? Because before women can realize how awesome you are and how great it would be to be with you, you must first come to that conclusion yourself!!!

The superbly crafted affirmations Vince created by tapping into his 17 years of experience with mind programming, delivered to you by the sweet and sexy voice of women, are guaranteed to make your self-image start to glow and shine in the most attractive ways!!! So simply do your part and listen diligently for at least three weeks, because you owe it to all the women that will enjoy you in the future to start to recognize that indeed, THEY WILL BE LUCKY TO BE WITH YOU!!!




Vince Kelvin – Natural Sexualization Home Study Course Download | Vince Kelvin – Say It The Sexy Way Download | Vince Kelvin – Secrets of Transitioning to Sex Download |Vince Kelvin – Synchronistic Magic Download

Vince Kelvin – Natural Sexualization Home Study Course

Vince Kelvin - Natural Sexualization Home Study Course Download

Vince Kelvin – Natural Sexualization Home Study Course Description:

Directly From VK’s “Fuck- Lab” In Hollywood…


You could blame women, life, or even yourself…BUT, IT’S NOT YOU NOR THEM…Its just that:

You never went to SEX school or University!Women’s sexuality is different than yours!Times have changed and “The Game” is out!

So if you are…

FED UP with hearing women you want to fuck tell you they don’t want sex, but just want to be friend?
Sick and tired of being stuck in conversations and lacking the real attraction that lead to action?
Wishing you could feel much more free to act more sexually and escalate naturally and rapidly?


FINALLY, in a community where the same old stuff is being rehashed and masqueraded as being different, THE MESMERIZING, MAD-ASS, LETHAL, REAL NINJA STUFF YOU’VE BEEN LONGING FOR!

How Soon Can You fuck a Girl? What Signals Do You Pay Attention To? What If She REJECTS Your Sexual Actions? GOT NEWS FOR YOU! The problem with such questions, is that they are based on a mindset that is sooo outdated, it’d be like trying to text using a rotary phone! NONE OF THIS IS RELEVANT WHEN YOU FOLLOW THE STEPS YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS PIONEERING AND REVOLUTIONIZING NEW HOME STUDY COURSE!

Now because I am currently playing with over 21 girls (FOR REAL!)…and this system is so efficient and proven time and time again, I’ll leave it to others to bother you with long sales letter. Because girls await on your side too, the system works beyond wildest expectations, I’ll bypass any redundancy and trust that you have the basic prerequisite of being sufficiently daring and trusting of yourself and aware of how bad you want it, and how good it will feel to bed all the babes you used to masturbate to, and will get YOUR DIGITAL COPY early enough to catch the CRAZY INTRODUCTORY OFFER AND ALL THE BONUSES on time!

The sensational secret sexual acceleration strategies you’ll learn:

Sliding Sexual Scale. Instead of being caught into debating when and how to get more sexual, you’ll be able using minimal steps to start escalating from the very beginning, so by the time you get to the bedroom, she’s ready!
On the spot “Role-Play” to instantaneously shift girls from their logical to creative side. Real reasons to naturally touch in very intrusive manner. Loosen them up using the psychology of laughter. Get away being very graphic, in a way they will love!
Properly tell girls that you like and want them, without giving away your value but by showing that as a man you don’t apologize for your sexual desires and that you’re self-assured enough to give them the freedom they need.
Restricted Request and Reverse Game to diffuse any resistance and bypass objections, and be the true masculine leader that will give women the balance and sexual comfort they so deeply need and seek.

Your DELUXE Sexualization Home Study Course Includes:

The brand new SEXUALIZATION workshop video! After teaching this revolutionary course in over 50 cities live, you finally get it in the comfort of your home!
The New Sexualization Revolution audio. Finally understand women’s sexuality and allow yourself to feel and be more sexy as you learn the real way to get super good super fast.
Your SEXUALIZATION daily drill audio. Because it’s not enough to just hear it, this practice audio will get you to apply it right away, as Vince gives you the example and you then repeat it in the space provided.
Your Mindset of Master SEXUAL SUITOR evening programing audio. So you do it AUTOMATICALLY, the most potent trance to listen to on loop every night, will have you tap into your true masculinity and act sexy naturally.
The STATEMENT OF INTEREST AND INTENTION chart. To further drill and assimilate, this simple chart will help you combine all of the possibilities to powerfully state your interest and intention, like a real man.

Bonus #1: The Classic “Kissing Escalation Workshop” recorded at the Original PUA World Summit NO LONGER ON THE MARKET, only option to get it, and see Vintage VK going at it crazy already back then!

Bonus #2: Because women experience attraction differently than us men, you will love the mind-blowing distinctions you’ll find on THE F.A.M. video (Female Arousal Model), recorded live at Summit as well!

Bonus #3: $100 gift certificate toward any 2 day bootcamp.

Bonus #4: VK’s X-Rated, Unedited Sex Reports!




Vince Kelvin – Say It The Sexy Way


As The World’s Dirtiest Pickup Artist, I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU for DIRT CHEAP! Plus, since it’s about YOUR SUCCESS, I wont bother you with a silly sales letter,




Vince Kelvin – Secrets of Transitioning to Sex

Vince Kelvin - Secrets of Transitioning to Sex Download

FINALLY, Revealed… The BRAND NEW Secrets of Transitioning to Sex DVD Series – a whopping 7 DVD series on how to do exactly that – transition to sex with the hotties YOU want. Listen, this is not your typical “armchair seduction” stuff you see out there. This is REAL WORLD FIELD TESTED know-how from the TOP instructors in the world – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF, teaching you their own unique style, approach, methods, and “use it NOW” techniques! You get to hear 26 different points of view from the TOP GUN PUAs. Instructors including: Bad Boy – That Bad Ass All the way from Eastern Europe! The ORIGINAL “Direct Game” Master – you’ll love his refreshing, no-BS approach to getting the woman. Forget “winging”, forget “attraction phase”, drop “Sarging” and nearly EVERYTHING you’ve heard about getting women. Sometimes surprising, but always helpful. You’ll love this part of DVD 3 and his “DNA” method. Length: 45 Minutes Adam Lyons – America’s NEW favorite star, as seen on UK Reality TV “Rules of Seduction”! Voted “Best in the World,” this charming lad shows you how to overcome LMR simply, elegantly. Plus you’ll really dig his accent if you’re not from the UK! LOL Length: Length: 50 Minutes Hypnotica – Hard core inner game guru, from Neil Strauss’ “The Game” known as Rasputin! Yes, THAT guy! Been in the stripper industry for nearly 15 years – You’ll love this guy’s energetic calm and hypnotic integration. Length: 40 Minutes Mehow – The originator of in field videos, best selling author of “Get The Girl (TM)”, “Group Attraction (TM)”, and “10 Second Sexual Attraction (TM)”! When you see his LIVE routine on the DVD, you’ll laugh your head off at how simple it all is. Length: 42 Minutes Vince Kelvin – Yours truly, LOL! Global NLP and Self-Empowerment Expert for a Truly Fulfilling Social, Sex, and Love Life! Close to two decades of assisting people to master their entire lives! Length: 51 Minutes David Wygant – The Original “Hitch” – Will Smith’s Character was based on this Natural! Oh, by the way, think AGE may be an issue to transitioning to sex with tons of young hotties? THINK AGAIN! Mr. Wygant is going on 48 years young! Length: 33 Minutes Speer – Lifestyle expert! One of the community’s favorite new teachers. Simple is always best and this is what makes Speer an authority on what WORKS. Length: 31 Minutes Daniel Rose – Author of The Sex God Method. So you’ve transitioned to sex – but what KIND of sex do you want to give her? Of course you want it to be the best! Daniel is the community’s best expert on giving female orgasms! Length: 44 Minutes Asian Playboy – Hard to be involved in the community without hearing about Asian Playboy. He’s revolutionized how Asian men go about dating – Voted best Asian pickup artist! Length: 40 Minutes Brad P. – If you want the best openers, or want to know what to say when you see that luscious hottie across the room, this is your man. Brad is the World’s foremost authority on Opening! Length: 46 Minutes Daxx – From Love Systems / Mystery Method Corp. One of Savoy’s rising stars! Length: 43 Minutes Johnny Wolf – ABC’s of Attraction Senior Instructor back from Retirement just to help out for a limited time! Also co-produced the PUA Summit. Length: 52 Minutes Kosmo – Internationally known from VH1’s “Pick Up Artist”. World Wide Dating Coach with over 100 seminars side by side with Mystery of the Venusian Arts. Length: 27 Minutes. Inner Confidence – Brian & Robbie reveal the inner workings of true confidence. If you think you have “inner game” down, you haven’t met Brian & Robbie. Want to know WHEN you should start transitioning to sex? How do you know when she wants it? There are two factors you need to master in order to find out – watch them to learn this and much more. Length: 31 Minutes




Vince Kelvin – Synchronistic Magic

Synchronistic Magic 7 Daily Rituals to Channel Your Own Luck and Ride the Waves of Your Own Success!

Welcome yourself into a whole new world of plenty!

Experience a super pleasant sense of power and peace in every area of your life!

CD0: Course Explanation CD: Magical Manifestations!
Track 1: Let the magic begin!
Track 2: Seven practical principles of synchronistic magic!
Track 3: Recommended utilization for best results!

CD1: Simply Start!
Track 1: Ritual #1: Magical breath to make and let it be!
Track 2: Meditation to access and experience just the right assistance!

CD2: Learn to Let Go, So the Magic Can Flow!
Track 1: Ritual #2A: Letting nature clear, cleans, purify and open the path!
Track 2: Ritual #2B: Bringing forth the four elements of the magical being!
Track 3: Quick daily rendition of the four elements ritual!
Track 4: Meditation to leg go of all mental constructs and illusions!

CD3: Right Rhythm and Right Timing
Track 1: Ritual #3: Aligning with the universal clock!
Track 2: Meditation to synchronize yourself with the seasons of life!

CD4: Letting it All Serve Your Success!
Track 1: A powerful place of magic!
Track 2: Reframe, rename and regain!
Track 3: Ritual #4: Stretching your success frame!

CD5: Welcome to the Help Within and the Assistance All Around!
Track 1: Asking for assistance with a ready to receive attitude!
Track 2: Ritual #5: Reconnecting with all resources!

CD6: Surrender to Your Own Success!
Track 1: Ritual #6: Show me the ways in which it already is!
Track 2: Meditation to synchronize and harmonize all systems!

CD7: Let Luck Lead the Way!
Track 1: Ritual #7: Following the luck stream!
Track 2: Meditation to be one with the bliss and blessings!
Track 3: Your luck list!
Track 4: Bonus ritual: The recipe refinement ritual!




Vince Kelvin – Power Pickup 4 (Phone Game) Review | Vince Kelvin – Power Pickup 4 (Phone Game) Download

The Power Pickup 4 CDs Vol 4 Phone Game Mastery System!
To Get Her to Eagerly CALL You Back!FINALLY! The missing link between getting her number and getting together!Tired of women NOT calling back?
Want your approaches to turn into day twos?Too often, what may have seemed like a good pickup at first, in the end, only results in her not picking up the phone when you call!

But finally, you hold in your hands the missing link, that will help you MASTER the most important, yet un-addressed part of your pickup: PHONE GAME!




Vince Kelvin – Advanced Hypnosis Mastery Download

Vince Kelvin – Advanced Hypnosis Mastery “Master the Secret Art of Subconscious Communication for Self-Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Indirect Influence!”

Also featuring creator of Neuro-Restructuring and Speed Seduction: Ross Jeffries

The World’s Greatest Hypnosis Conditioning Course Ever Created!
Over 12 Hours of the most helpful hypnotic drills, demonstrations and distinctions to skyrocket your trance inducing skills!!!

Three days of Mind Blowing Material Recorded Live at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood!

Save years of your own time trying to understand hypnosis by benefiting from the priceless 15,000 hours of conducting hypnotherapy sessions of world renowned Master Hypnotist Vince Kelvin, voted “Hypnotist of the Year” by the National Hypnotism Institute!

Learn all the trance tricks of traditional hypnosis that you’ll need to get whomever you hypnotize to go along with what is suggested and positively start to respond to it all the way!

Put together hypnotic suggestions so powerfully and efficiently structured that it will only be possible to accept what is being said and simply move toward the given directions!

Master the principles of covert hypnotic persuasion to generate such a strong sense of agreement and responsiveness on the inside, that people will just want to act on what is being offered!

It’s not just what is being presented, it’s the response that it produces on the inside! And when that response happens to be super pleasant, it then starts to be more and me urgent to automatically go for what is offered!!!




Vince Kelvin – Same Night Sex Complete System & Bonuses Review  | Vince Kelvin – Same Night Sex Complete System & Bonuses Download

Vince Kelvin - Same Night Sex Complete System & Bonuses Download

BulletQuestion? Do you think that the hottest women you most sexually desire,want YOU the same way too?

BulletProblem: We only get the women we think we can get! You want 10s,but do you think 10s want YOU?

BulletSolution: The “FINALY REVEALED”, system to BED 10s on the

Same Night Sex Complete System you meet them! Here’s how…

 Same Night Sex Complete System

Vince Kelvin – Improvisation for Pickup & Seduction

Lacking flow, ease, and continuity in your approaches? Want to know my SECRET unfair advantage to flow freely in the field? For YEARS, I’ve studied stage performance, taught improvisation in Colleges, and I do tons of public presentations! To give YOU this edge too, I decided to offer…

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, AN IMPROVISATION CLASS THAT FOCUSES PURELY ON PICKUP! So you can finally break free from old social inhibitions, and unleash your own FREE FLOW in the field! You will learn how to…

– Think fast on your feet without having to worry what to say next!
– Use your body language and tonality in a super attractive way!
– Feel natural and freely express yourself around beautiful women!
Includes: Set of Three CDs, Manual

Vince Kelvin – Super Self Esteem 2 Download


Vince Kelvin Dynamite New Direct Opener & the 2 Most Potent Words to Get Compliance

Dynamite New Direct Opener & the 2 Most Potent Words to Get Compliance!8/11/10
– Vince unknowingly and publicly opens a major TV star!
– You better get used to it; they will COME in your car!
– Turning disappointment into drive and decisiveness!
– The difference between approaching for SNL or LTR!
– The 4 qualification hoops to know if “she’s the one”!
– No NEED for guaranty;…



Las Vegas Lair Meeting Review | Las Vegas Lair Meeting Download

Las Vegas Lair Meeting Download

Las Vegas PUA Lair meetus, this week we have special guest speaker Dan AKA Badboy, The creater of Direct Game teaching students about “Insta Fucks” How your F Close your target within 7 – 10 Minutes!

Vince Kelvin Las Vegas PUA Lair meetup

Ryan Jaunzemis (MPUA / LV Lair Chief) hosts The Las Vegas PUA Lair meetup, this week we have special guest speakers Vince Kelvin from the Casanova Crew and Hollywood Lair, & Jersey Boy and Philip Jay from the NYC Lair


This film is a documentary on the underground PUA (Pick-up artist) sub-culture and the Seduction Community.

Ryan Jaunzemis, world renowned lifestyle & dating guru, master-pick-up-artist (MPUA), Chief Organizer of The Las Vegas Lair (LVL), and author of the book “REAL GAME” brings you the long-awaited, full-length feature film from The Seduction Community’s very own Las Vegas Lair; a very top-secret and highly elite group of men dedicated to learning, mastering, and then teaching to others the secret art-and-science behind human attraction in order to become the embodiment of “The TYPE of man who NATURALLY attracts beautiful women.”

Join Ryan and fellow Las Vegas Lair group organizers & dating coaches; Charles R. Starr (Author of the book “The Secret To The Game”), Charles “C.J.” Walker (Creator of,Christian S. Valentino (Creator of, Mazen Abed-Rabbo, Nick Yunis, Nik White,Richard Suazo, and many others as they head out nightly to go “Sarging” and “Open sets” of girls (Commonly referred to as “Targets” in the parlance of a “Pick-up artist”) using their secret scientifically-proven pick-up techniques in many of the Las Vegas area’s various bars, night-clubs, malls, coffee shops—and even GROCERY STORES—in their attempts to approach, meet, attract, date, seduce, and ultimately win-over-the-hearts of some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet—possibly even finding and attracting the-love-of-their-lives.

-Find out what it’s like—behind-the-scenes—inside the Las Vegas area’s secret underground Pick-up and Seduction Community.

-Learn a few new tips & tricks on how to naturally-attract beautiful women from some of the greatest seducers and pick-up artists on the planet.




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Power Pickup 4 (Phone Game) by Vince Kelvin

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