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Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani

Is This Your Time To Ascend To The Next Stage Of Evolution In Consciousness?

Introducing: Becoming Limitless – Mindvalley’s Highest Rated Personal Transformation Program

The Advanced Becoming Limitless Program Works Like A Jet Pack For Your Transformation And Swings Open The Doors To A Life Truly Beyond Ordinary… All By Harnessing Aspects Of The Human Mind Most People Are Yet To Wake Up To

This program takes you on a step by step journey, using Vishen Lakhiani’s powerful framework for teaching, into stage 3 consciousness so you too can bend reality and live a limitless life. This framework is so powerful in delivering amazing results that it quickly garnered the highest ever customer rating for a product on Mindvalley Academy with hundreds of raving case studies.

Ideas presented in this program got Vishen one of the biggest book deals of 2016: Code Of The Extraordinary Mind. It put Vishen on stage with the Dalai Lama where he won the best speaker. And these ideas have allowed Vishen, against all odds, to turn $700 into a $100 million dollar business consisting of Afest, Mindvalley Academy, Zenward and more.

It’s a classic case of Bending Reality.

HOWEVER, many people believe that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts, to know the right decisions to make and to instantly feel what’s true for them.

Vishen has been investigating the concept of Bending Reality for over 25 years, studying history’s most extraordinary individuals and experimenting with many forms of consciousness expansion. And with his engineer’s mind, he’s believes he’s codified the system to be so simple that anyone can now apply this framework to their life and see results.

This goes way beyond Law of Attraction or the “Thoughts Create Reality” paradigm, which are kindergarten level compared to what you’ll discover in this program.

Vishen Lakhiani – Author of Becoming Limitless | Mindvalley Academy

Vishen Lakhiani

Introducing Becoming Limitless: The Ultimate System For Stepping Into And Getting The Most Out Of The Level 3 Conscious Awareness

With the Becoming Limitless program, you finally have a road map for getting to the Level 3 Conscious Awareness. Where you are completely abundant, working on something that excites you every day, and have completely eliminated all fear and worry from your life.

You become so excited about your work that retirement or holidays or breaks seem meaningless to you. You have balance in your life, in all dimensions of being a human. And you’re fully tapped into advanced conscious abilities, such as intuition, creativity, compassion, the ability to shift reality with your mind, and feelings of oneness with the rest of life.

So here’s what we mean by the four-stage framework for Consciousness Evolution

Four Levels Of Human Evolution – Mindvalley Academy

We can think of human evolution as a series of 4 different levels, each expanding upon the other



This is where 99% of the population in the planet is in right now. We call that the level of Victim Stage. It’s the level where we are functioning in the world based on what society, culture, education and the rules of the world tell us we need to do. At Level 1, most people are walking blindly. They are bound by ideas like “you need a college degree,” “you need to get a job and save for retirement so you can someday enjoy life” or even ideas concerning religious practices like “you need to go to church every Sunday” that we get programmed into.

But there’s so much more to life than that. And when you start questioning the patterns of human society, you start elevating yourself to Level 2.



Level 2 is called the Thoughts Create Reality stage. This is where personal growth resides. At level 2, you start exploring new ways to play in the world. It’s where you start discovering ideas such as speed learning, meditation, personal transformation and fitness hacking. It’s when you start ascending beyond what most people are doing and truly live a life that’s extraordinary.

However, there are levels beyond that.



At Level 3, you’ve questioned so many ideas of the traditional world that you’ve now stepped into a new stage, Servant To A Higher Calling. At this level, entire new abilities start to emerge in you. At the core, the state of limitless is governed by 4 different qualities:

  1. A feeling of connectedness with all life. you feel a genuine connection to all humanity. Ideas such as religion, culture and race no longer seem to identify with you. Rather, you see everyone as one and the same. This feeling of connectedness then leads to a second quality.
  2. A feeling of being completely tapped in. It’s as if your intuition is on overdrive. You are hyper-creative. You know what to say and you have gut feelings guiding you towards your best possible life. You become fearless. All of this gives you another third quality.
  3. A feeling of accelerated manifestation. This is the feeling where your thoughts seem to become reality at an accelerated pace. You can think about a particular thing that you want to bring out into the world or think about a problem you want to solve or think about an illness that you want to recover from… all of it seems to come into fruition significantly faster. Some people say it’s almost as if you can bend reality. Now, this leads to you developing the 4th quality.
  4. A feeling of luck as though the universe has your back. It’s a feeling where you feel you’re connected to a higher power or the universe and it’s as if this power is supporting you in what you know you need to do in this world. You’re happy, you’re excited, you’re living your mission and life seems to go well.
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These are the 4 qualities you’ll experience at Level 3 Conscious Awareness. And this program is designed to get you to this state as soon as possible. We want to bring as much people as possible into this state. Because when you’re in this state, life takes on an entirely different meaning.



This is the Level Of Oneness where you become the one. Vishen will explain more about this rare mystical state in the program so you’ll know what to expect in this level. However, much of the program will be concerned about taking you to the Level 3 of Conscious Awareness.

But Getting To This State Didn’t Come Easy, Because He Had No Road Map.

Vishen learned how to do this the hard way, and after a decade of ups and downs, extensive research and experimentation… he’s finally developed a course that can accelerate your evolution in consciousness and bring you to that state where you are fully empowered and limitless so you can lead, and serve your purpose for the good of yourself and humanity.

The Becoming Limitless program ushers you toward an evolution in consciousness.

This program has been tested on Vishen himself, hundreds of participants in the beta version, and it is proving extremely effective in unlocking your potential and helping you become truly limitless.

Vishen hooked up to a brainwave machine at a biohacking-based
meditation retreat.

Why Does This Training Deliver Such Incredible Results?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Students See Amazing Results From the Becoming Limitless Program.

1. Consciousness Engineering Teaching Framework

Everything you’re about to learn is based upon Vishen’s revolutionary Consciousness Engineering framework of systems and models of living. Every one of us relies on systems and models, whether consciously or unconsciously. And in this program, we’re merely updating those systems and models with newer more efficient ones. So you won’t need to make drastic life changes to see results. You don’t need to sacrifice your current lifestyle in any way.

2. Powerful Exercises And Real World Practices

You’ll discover that this program is packed with not just in-depth lectures, but also practical tools and resources for you to use in the real world. They come from Vishen’s personal life experiences as well as from hundreds of other teachers, many of whom he interacts with on a daily basis.

3. Group Coaching For Eliminating Gaps In Your Education

What’s also included in this program are pre-recorded group coaching sessions for each module where Vishen leads a group of original members through an interactive session. Just listening to these will expand your understanding, kill all doubts, and widen the horizon of your possibilities.

4. Supporting Resources That Augment Every Level Of Learning

Throughout the course, Vishen references other materials that are crucial in developing your consciousness in the Level 3 stage of conscious awareness. These include other learning materials from Vishen himself, featured talks from Afest, and popular Youtube videos.

5. Tribelearn To Interact With Vishen & Your Fellow Students

TribeLearn is our in-house peer-to-peer learning technology that enables you to become a rockstar student because it has powerful advantages over self study. It lets you tap into collective brains, best practices, powerful techniques & new ideas of your teacher as well as your fellow students as you go along in your journey. The Tribelearn for Becoming Limitless is hosted by Vishen himself.

What You’ll Learn

When You Go Through This Program And Reach The State Of Limitless, You Will:


See Your Mission in Crystal Clarity

One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find our purpose. In this program, you’ll discover exercises that will help you gain the clarity and the certainty you need to really commit to living a life that truly inspires you.


Shift Reality Even in Your Dreams

Some of the techniques you’ll discover in the course, such as the Delta Doorway, will teach you how to tap into higher guidance while at the ‘near-sleep’ Delta levels of mind. This technique alone will make shifting reality second nature to you.


Experience Life Very, Very Differently

Imagine waking up excited everyday, eager to get started with your work, and loving every second of it. Yes, there will be challenging times, but when you are doing something you truly love, it’s all worth it. You will never want to do something else.


Watch Even Your Biggest Goals Come True

With traditional methods of goal setting, you can only set a goal as big as you can imagine. When you learn to operate from inspiration, you will achieve and experience things beyond your wildest imagination. It’s as though you’re tapped into a higher power that guides you.


Make the Right Decisions in a Snap

Your intuition is your greatest guide. In this program you’ll learn how to tap into it so that you can make better decisions and always stay true to your purpose. You’ll find yourself luckier, wiser and moving toward your vision faster than you ever thought possible.


Enjoy Total Fulfillment with Zero Regret

After you learn this, you’ll start to feel more connected to life, more tapped in, and frankly, more alive. You’ll become more compassionate and get less irritated. You’ll begin noticing synchronicity and coincidences that makes you feel as though the universe is on your side. You’ll feel limitless.

Course Information

Here’s How the Course Is Structured:

Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani



Everything You Need To Know To Begin

In the first week of your training to Becoming Limitless, you’ll learn Vishen Lakhiani’s Unifying Model on how to escape the “means goals trap,” which most people unknowingly fall into through a lifetime of social conditioning. With this new framework for lifestyle design, you will discover how to adapt new models of reality and systems for living that support thinking BIG, and to set bolder goals in a way that they don’t seem too intimidating. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify and map out the perfect life for yourself, so you can create a life based on your own rules.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • How to think outside conventional rules and escape the system, so that you can truly live free.
  • How to dream bigger without fear or worry, so you’re emboldened to make massive impact in the world.
  • How to develop a model of reality that suggests you have the ability to create “luck” and accelerate toward your goals, so that this becomes your reality, and you feel as though the universe is serving through you.



Total Inner Peace

Next, you’ll learn how to achieve total inner peace by letting go of all that is holding you back through the unrealized power of forgiveness. This total inner peace allows you to naturally become highly intuitive and unattached to your goals while still calmly pursuing them. In addition to that, you’ll also learn the secret technique for raising your Alpha waves to allow for abundant creative insights on demand. And enjoy a guided meditation lead by Vishen on the power of forgiveness.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • How to let go of all the suboptimal models of reality that are holding you back from realizing your full potential.
  • How to detach happiness from the end result of your goals so that you are always in the optimal state of flow.
  • Why “hurt people, hurt people…” and how to escape this cycle of suffering by liberating yourself from past hurts so that you can be unfazed by other people’s pain and frustration.
  • The “I’ve sent you nothing but angels…” framework for feeling supported in the pursuit of your goals, and turning setbacks into advantages so that you don’t feel disappointed even when things seem like they’re not going your way.
  • And how to raise your Alpha waves on demand for instant creative and intuitive insights to solve problems and make rapid progress.




On the third week of your Becoming Limitless training you will discover the concept of Blissipline. And how, when you live according to this new paradigm you can go beyond having a peaceful inner state to having a joyous outer state. To help you experience this heightened state of being, you will learn the five systems for happiness that make up your Blissipline: active gratitude, forgiveness, self-love, the feeling that “I am enough,” and being present-centered.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The daily practice to rapidly hack your own happiness levels for immediate and long-term results.
  • How to slow down aging and improve your health, so that you look and feel incredible for years to come.
  • How experiencing happiness in the now is the best way to achieve your long-term goals.
  • How to control your emotional state and put you in peak performance for the day for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to affirm your own self-love, so your own happiness overflows into the lives of others and spreads joy.



A Vision For Your Future

In part one of this week’s training, you will discover how to navigate your way out of the downward spiral and escape your current reality trap. You will learn that experiencing happiness in the now, you can fuel your life toward your vision for the future — which allows you to bypass stress and anxiety, so you can live in the ultimate state of flow. Then, in part two of this week’s training, you will discover the importance of having a mission, not a career, and learn the powerful four-step solution to mastering energy redirection that will help you radically transform many areas of your life.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • How to choose a mission, not a career so you are effortlessly pulled toward your vision for the future.
  • The system for living in the ultimate state of flow, so you can bypass stress and anxiety and always feel like the universe has your back.
  • The importance of being “unrealistic” in your goals to create a balanced, extraordinary life and not get stuck in the mediocrity trap.
  • The four-step solution to mastering energy redirection, so you can radically transform many areas of your life.



The Power Of Intuition

In the fifth week of Becoming Limitless, you will discover how to tap into your own innate powers of intuition. You will learn the concrete methods to become a clear conduit for intuition and the five ways of using intuition: as a warning system, to connect with others, for inspiration, support for yourself and others, and to be connected to your higher purpose. By being connected to your intuition you will easily spot new opportunities, and effortlessly navigate the path toward your vision for the future with an a unique advantage that tips the odds in your favor.

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Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The five different ways of using intuition in your daily life.
  • The four stages ideas go through before going mainstream.
  • How to “Clear The Garbage” and become a clear channel for intuition.
  • The models of reality that the world’s elite achievers like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, use to follow and trust their intuition to reach their higher purpose.
  • The advanced techniques for tapping into intuition, such as “The Invisible Counsellor” and “Delta Doorway” techniques.



Bending Reality

In week six of your training, you will learn the practical science of Bending Reality. This week can be considered an intermediate lesson on shifting reality with your mind, to prepare you for the weeks to come as you approach your higher purpose. To help you do this you will discover the four-stage framework for Consciousness Evolution, as well as the basic methods of creative visualization for healing and amplifying your results with Bending Reality.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The practical science of Bending Reality and how exactly you can see results in your own life.
  • The model of reality to help you navigate the four stages of Consciousness Evolution, so that you can identify where you are and ascend faster.
  • How to heal and amplify your effectiveness with unique creative visualization techniques you will not see anywhere else.
  • How to outgrow the victim mentality, and become a servant to your higher calling.



Expanded Consciousness & Merging

Next, you will make one of your biggest leaps yet toward Becoming Limitless, by learning how to consciously commit to any vision, any idea, and bring it into reality by accelerating the process of conscious manifestation. You will discover the fastest way to manipulate reality that goes beyond bending reality and creative visualization, with a revolutionary technique known as Merging. Here you will learn the components of this powerful technique and the five laws that help you do it. Plus, how to avoid common mistakes that prevent most people from Merging, so you can stay in this state of Limitless and become one with your mission.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • How to consciously commit to any vision and rapidly accelerate the process of it manifesting in the world.
  • How to maintain balance and avoid the most common mistakes that keep people from reaching the state of Limitless.
  • The concept of “Egolessness” so you can better understand how to merge with your vision.
  • The components of Merging with your vision, as well as a guided meditation by Vishen on how exactly you can Merge and Becoming Limitless.



How To Rally People Around Your Vision

In your path to Becoming Limitless, you’ve learned about multiple techniques and models to apply to create more happiness, meaning and impact in your life. By advancing your levels of development, you’ve also become a leader. Now, you will learn how to go beyond all you’ve learned and fully embody your vision by learning the seven keys to apply in your company, business, or life to rally people around you to accomplish your vision faster. Here you learn the essentials of “culture hacking” and influencing mass amounts of people in positive ways, so you can help others advance, too.

Models & Systems You Will Master:

  • The seven keys to apply to your company, business or life to rally people around you to rapidly see your vision come into fruition.
  • How to attract the right talent to join your movement, find the right fit, establish a common code, and help them find meaning and significance in supporting your mission.
  • How to create advanced culture models in companies and organizations so that you create powerful, high-performing, conscious tribes.
  • How to rally followers behind your vision for the world so that you can manifest it faster and more magnificently than if you were to do it alone.

PLUS: 8 Recorded Group Coaching Sessions With Vishen Lakhiani

In addition to the 8 weeks of training, you’ll get one bonus recording of a Q&A session for each week, where Vishen answered the most important questions of that week. In these sessions, you’ll go even deeper into the material and learn from other students.

Here are some examples of questions Vishen answered:

  • How do I find my soul purpose to start receiving guidance?
  • How do you sustain the state of flow?
  • How do you build your dream without losing yourself in doing too many things at the same time?
  • What will be happening in the world of online business and consciousness evolution, and how do we all prepare for this?
  • What is the best way to switch states from ego to a higher consciousness?
  • How can we bring happiness and awareness to others?
  • How do we detach happiness from goals?
  • How do you distinguish, if it is intuition or fear and desire speaking to you?
  • How did you strike the balance between being present and happy in the now and striving towards your future?
  • At what age it is suitable to start introducing the evolution of consciousness, and how to create reality with their thoughts to the younger generation?